Project Status:                     Approved – Active

Project ID:                            HAF-1

Project Phase:                     Delivery – Training
Program Year::                    2022 (4th); Mar. -Nov.

Project Start Date:              February 15, 2019
Planned Finish Date:          November 30, 2025

PMO Agent:                         Steffan van der Male
HFI Coord./Agent:              Andy Boettcher

Funding Goal for this Project is $50,000

$5,300 of $50,000 raised

Every $10,000 donated helps us launch one more youth/young adult with a healthy identity, globally-enabled job skills, being a productive leader in their community!

Delivery Partner



Services Delivered
by Partner

  • Child & Youth Empowerment
  • Career & Leadership Development
  • Urban Care Initiatives
  • Disaster Response
  • Kids Clubs, Sports

People Groups

​The Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) has launched its first Innovation Hub in Philippi Village. Their vision driving the Innovation Hub project is “Innovating access to opportunity for the next generation’s potential to be unlocked, ultimately connecting them to the local & global economy”.  Some sobering statistics exist for young people ages 18 to 29 living in townships of South Africa:

  • 59% – Unemployment rate
  • 61% – Youth raised without a father
  • 69% – Youth do not graduate high school
  • 94% – do not move on to higher education after high school

Philippi is one township where HAF hopes to bring change through the implementation of Innovation Hubs.  They aim to change the perception of Young People living in Townships of South Africa and to help unlock its potential. To provide opportunities for Young People aged 18-29 to gain key digital skills along with learning leadership principles and soft skills that will allow them to participate in the local and global economies rapidly being transformed through the 4th Industrial Revolution. In communities known for violence, substance abuse, and broken families, they plan to help put townships like Philippi on the map as an epicenter for transformation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and business.

 Hands and Feet International  believes very strongly in the vision, plan and outcomes being undertaken by HAF for this Project.  They are aligned with our overall mission and objectives and one of our posted volunteers, Andy Boettcher will be our “feet on the ground” providing Program Design and Implementation leadership as well as project agency and oversight services to ensure the HFI outcomes are achieved.  HFI is looking to raise funds in order to provide the seed funding for the Proof of Concept stage of the program when the training approach and overall program design will be vetted by working with approximately 50 young people between the ages of 18-29.  Eighteen learners have already been taken into the program and began the first phase of their training on August 6th.  A second cohort of 30+ learners are about to enter the Intake process which will filter out 100’s of applicants to ensure that only those that represent the highest potential and would not have an opportunity to access this level of quality training if not for the Innovation Hub.  It should also be noted that the iHub leadership are targeting to maintain at least a 50% minimum ratio of female students in the program.

Once the Proof-of-Concept stage is complete by mid-year 2020, all learnings will be incorporated  into the first “full edition” of the program offered in Philippi Village, Cape Town as well as launch a new site planned within the Gautang province, likely in the greater Johannesburg area.  Plans are also underway to create a legal entity for the Innovation Hub that will permit it to access Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) funding which will allow the Innovation Hubs to operate sustainably without further external funding once through the Proof-of-Concept phase.

We invite you to join us as we help our Delivery Partner HAF to “Build Lives that will Build a Community, a Nation, and a Continent.”