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On-post Date:          15-Jan-2021
Planned Duration:    48 Months
From:    Calgary, AB, Canada

Posting Funding Goal:
$6,070 of $10,000 raised


How do you see the future?


Why diversity and representation matters in the Tech Industry.


Nothing like getting your first paycheck as a Full-time Digital Marketer and being able to see some sights around your home city that you never could afford before!


Every time I drive through the township of Philippi, I am reminded of where many of our iHub students go home to, and why the iHub program represents such a life-changing opportunity for them and their families


The Soft Skills for Business training stream is a defining feature of the iHub program that sets it apart from others.


Shift One is a local digital advertising and media agency that have come along side of the Innovation Hub Africa in a big way, offering their deep expertise through training content and the opportunity to place several of our graduates once they complete the full 3-phase program.


The second 12-week phase of digital and soft skills training launched on May 17th.


We are so excited to see three of our program graduates accept full-time positions with Co-Marketers. This is a “proof-of-concept” dream come true!


iHub and Comarketers Graduation – a dream come true!


We’ve launched our second iHub Location! What a privilege it was to experience the vibe and energy of the students at this new location, meet our 11 new adult learners and our local leadership and feed into the future planning of our iHub operations in South Africa.


It was great to get back “into the saddle”, doing what I love helping this amazing iHub vision continue to grow and develop as a program that truly changes lives…


We finally arrived in Cape Town, South Africa in the early morning hours of Friday, Feb. 25, 2021


Missed it by one day! But God is in control….
We are still here waiting to restart our posting in South Africa


The entire iHub leadership and volunteer team are very proud of the 24 students who graduated from the Innovation Hub Africa digital skills program on December 11th!


Seen here at the Calgary airport, donning our protective face masks, we arrived back in Calgary after serving as volunteers in Malawi and South Africa on and off for the past 6+ years!


2020 iHub Cohort is underway! 28 new young adults ready to learn new skills for the digital economy and, unleash their potential and pursue their dreams for a life changing career in South Africa!