Become a trusted facilitator of Canadian, Christian volunteer business & technical professionals looking to help like-minded, non-profit partner organizations in developing countries grow their leadership skills and delivery capacity through short-to-medium-term, on-site services delivery and mentorship, thereby improving the lives of people served world-wide.

We will facilitate ever more professionals getting involved in volunteer service that equips delivery partners focused on improving the lives of people throughout the world, through:

  • connecting the expertise and passion of Christian professionals with qualified delivery organizations needing to build human resources, systems, or process capacity, or deliver project-specific outcomes but lack the local know-how and capabilities to do so; and
  • leveraging social and business networks, we will take a mass-customization approach to link and facilitate Canadian professionals passionate to serve internationally with qualified delivery organizations in need of short-to-medium-term volunteer personnel. These volunteer personnel apply their expertise to help developing organizations grow and transform their operational effectiveness and gain access to specialized delivery skills that are scarce in the regions where they operate, thereby increasing the positive impact to their charitable beneficiaries.

Our one thing is helping Christian business and technical professionals move from success to significance in their lives. We leverage the personal stories of professionals who have volunteered and served internationally under HFI to inspire other professionals to go and serve.

When one finds that personal success isn’t enough, we help them with a practical approach to giving themselves away in service that bears fruit that will last (John 15:1-8).  We help Christian business people take the way that they’re wired by God (their gifts) and the experience and know-how they’ve built over their career’s journey (what they have become very good at) in order to help strengthen other developing, charitable organisations focused on making life better for people in need (a cause they are passionate about).

  1. To facilitate professional Christian volunteers the opportunity to build resiliency in and improve the lives of vulnerable children, women and men suffering under poverty and marginalization or otherwise at-risk in any nation throughout the world.
  2. To be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ extended, to serve people in need globally through acts of Christian compassion, by men and women of like-minded faith and lifestyle.
  3. To perform works of missionary service that build resiliency and improve the lives of vulnerable children, women and men suffering under poverty and marginalization or otherwise at-risk in any nation throughout the world.
  4. To assist and build capacity in other aligned, faith-based charities operating in the developing world through the sourcing of short-to-medium-term volunteer Canadian personnel with needed business, medical and other technical skills, focusing on training and leadership development.

  1. We help seasoned Christian professionals put their expertise to work and leave a meaningful legacy through a passion-connected, personalized volunteer service opportunity that helps developing world delivery organizations grow and maximize their impact to people in need.


  2. We help delivery organizations operating in the developing world get sourced with seasoned Christian professional business & technical volunteers who share passion for their cause, and bring hard-to-find skills in order to develop competencies, strengthen leadership, and grow delivery effectiveness thereby increasing the organization’s positive impact on the lives of the people and communities they serve.