Sabelo Romeo Nanene (goes by Romeo) just passed a major milestone in his journey as a digital skills professional.  He completed his 90-day internship with Comarketers and based on meeting and exceeding their expectations for the role, he’s been offered a full-time position with the company as an Operations Research Specialist.  His new full-time role began yesterday and he’s now earning nearly $1,000 USD per month.  That salary sounds tiny compared to North American or European standards but is very competitive and life transforming in the South African marketplace where minimum wage is still 160 rand per day (approx. $13.50 CAD per day).   And there is plenty opportunity for Romeo to grow and develop in his new role and see his earnings grow with further responsibilities.

You can check out the role description of an Operations Research Specialist here if you’re interested.

I’m so blessed to continue to be a coach-mentor in Romeo’s life – a relationship we started last year as an iHub 2021 student.  We’ve both chosen to keep the mentor-mentee relationship going this year and we meet for about 60 minutes once per month.  Its been great to see Romeo flourish as he expands his knowledgebase of the digital marketing industry and builds further competencies with various digital tools.  He has been thriving in a very supportive work environment with 5 other Comarketer colleagues and work out of their offices which are co-located at the Philippi iHub.

Can’t wait to see where Romeo’s pathway leads him as he embarks on his full-time career.  It set’s him and his family up for a completely different track in life that he could have only dreamed about before joining the iHub program.