Even though we’ve been out of the loop back in Canada and the USA for the last 9 months reconnecting with family and friends for a short “furlough”, I had to share the amazing news of the graduation of our first cohort of 24 Innovation Hub students!

The entire iHub leadership and volunteer team are very proud of the 24 students who #graduated from the Hillsong Africa Foundation Innovation Hub Africa digital skills program on December 11th!

Even though 2020 posed numerous challenges and disruptions, our students performed exceptionally in the program and are one step closer to pursuing further education or employment in the digital skills sphere. Their training covers Soft Skills for Business, Leadership and Identity, and Digital Marketing Fundamentals (with various employment and education partners).

The #innovationhub exists to create access to #education and #employment opportunities for young, black adults who aspire to work in the #digitalskills sphere. Find out more or how you can help!

A great way to give back to organizations like the Innovation Hub working at the front lines in the developing world – and do it without having to leave home – is Stay and Serve! If you have a little time to donate and strengths in the areas of digital skills, why not check out these HFI Opportunities which are Stay and Serve ready and looking for volunteer help.

I’m looking forward to getting plugged back in, bringing executive leadership, advisory and mentorship services to the iHub project team and possibly a board of trustee role at some point in the future. Sonya and I are on our way back to South Africa soon, arriving Cape Town Jan. 15th, 2021, Lord willing.