What a privilege to be part of the graduation ceremonies for the iHub Africa class of 2022!
We had 22 students graduate from the Johannesburg iHub (see pic below)

And 12 students graduate from the Cape Town iHub (see pic below)

What a delight to cheer the students and their parents/guardians on as they were called up one by one to the front of the auditorium to receive their certificates from Steffan and Brandon.

(zoom in on the certificates table)

(Brandon Vergotine WC Hub Lead (L) and Stephan van der Male iHub Managing Director (R))

(friends and family members gathered in the auditorium as the grads start to take their seats)

Some quick stats of the students’ grades attainment:

  • Of the 34 students, 13 (or 38 %) attained a final program aggregate mark of 80% or higher, and
  • 26 students (or x76 % – a full ¾ of the class) attained a final program aggregate mark of 75% or higher – 70% was the minimum passing standard to graduate. Well done students!!

The class valedictorian was Lungile Mazibuko (pr. Loon-Geel-ay) pictured below giving her address to the students and parents.

After the ceremony, I obliged Lingile who was adamant to get a photograph with me as a representative of the iHub Board present (see pic below).


I congratulated her on attaining the highest final program mark of the 2022 class – 88%.  Her parents and partner were very proud!

All the grads began submitting their applications to our two placement partners, Comarketers and GroupM, following an internship Open House which was held on Dec. 5th.  There are a dozen, 3-month internships up for grabs to the students who attained the highest marks and could promote themselves best to these two firms.  We know these roles will be life changing for the grads and their families, especially those who go on after their internship to be offered full time employment.

Enjoy a few other photos of the grads celebrating this joyful milestone!