It was Monday morning and I just took exit 17 off the N2 highway onto Borchards Quarry road leading into Philippi.  As I drove quickly through the streets that lead through the township on my way to Philippi Village where the iHub is located, was reminded again of the poverty and living conditions that many of our students come from in this neighborhood.  Although it’s difficult sometimes from a Western mindset to believe that young people behind the doors of these very modest dwellings, some even simple shacks, come with amazing potential to be the next Digital Marketers that we are helping to grow and develop at the iHub.  They just need an affordable opportunity to prove they have what it takes.

Once I arrive at the little “oasis” of Philippi Village within this difficult and sometimes crime ridden township, I am so thankful to be a part of the Innovation Hub Africa program which is truly providing innovative access to opportunities that will unlock the potential in these bright and talented minds.  They will become the young leaders unlocked with healthy identities and globally-enabled job skills for the digital economy, help break the cycle of generational poverty, and become productive leaders within their families and communities.