We are very excited about our latest Placement and Training partner, Shift One.  They are a local digital advertising and media agency that have come along side of the Innovation Hub Africa in a big way, offering their deep expertise through training and the opportunity to place several of our graduates once they complete the full 3-phase program.  Shift One is led by a long-time South African entrepreneur Dylan Kohlstadt who provided a brief testimonial of her career and some words of encouragement to the students in the Shift One stream on Phase 2 launch day – click on the video below:


Dylan and her team have curated an excellent 11-week program that spans the following digital marketing topics:

  1. Onboarding, The Landscape
  2. DM Strategy – Understand your target Audience, Know your Competitors
  3. Project & Account Management & Reporting Agency structure
  4. Business English & Blogging Content Marketing
  5. Facebook for Business – Content Marketing
  6. Facebook Paid Ads, FB Business Manager
  7. LinkedIn B2B
  8. Wix Web Design, SEO, analytics
  9. Graphic Design, video & Canva
  10. Measuring Success – Insights & Analytics; Reporting to stakeholders
  11. Email marketing

Each week, the students working in groups will build a portfolio of evidence as they complete assignments that they will present to an industry panel during week 12 of the phase.  Their presentations will cover:

  • Strategy document,
  • Project Board (Trello, Slack, Asana)
  • Blogs
  • Social Content Calendar
  • Social media accounts (FB, LI)
  • Working Website
  • Creative Designs / Videos
  • Email Ad Mail-outs
  • Analytics for all of the above
  • A summary of what worked and what was learned

Here is quick video below that captures a few moments during week 3 where Irma and Nelson, two senior Shift One staff members were delivering content related to Project & Account Management within an Agency.


We look forward to growing our partnership with Shift One in the months ahead.