Since Jordan arrived back in Calgary in March, Rwanda has remained in a state of lock down limiting the opening of schools.  Due to Jordan needing to leave earlier than planned to get back to Calgary before international flights started to be cancelled with the Covid-19 pandemic building, there was a surplus of travel and living funds available that she raised for her posting.  She made application to HFI to have $500 of these surplus funds be gifted to Lighthouse towards assisting with the tuition of 5 students of the Applied Counselling Skills program with Lighthouse – a gesture that was very well received by Kelly and the students alike!

Jordan had been assisting Kelly with delivering the training content for the Applied Counselling Skills course which was about half way complete by time she departed.  Kelly and her husband Celo (seen in the photos below on the left) came up with a creative way to keep the course going remotely using radio to communicate with the students in their homes. The course was finally able to be completed in July. The five students who received the tuition subsidy from HFI were photographed below proudly, displaying their course certificates on graduation day.

So thankful Jordan and HFI were able to help in a tangible way these students attain their dreams to be a trained counsellor!