I hope everyone is well – I am beginning with all of my lasts here now – while it will be so good to come home it is always hard to leave as well. My heart has once again been enlarged – seems there is no limit or boundaries to love. There has been a great dignity and genuineness in the people that I have had the privilege of walking alongside.  There is something so very real and authentic that often grows out of great suffering. While I also came to share my faith, my own faith has been strengthened – it is the way of relationship. I am so very grateful to have been a part of this with you as well.


Below is a picture of the international counselling team at Lighthouse.


My original flight home was cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus travel issues, causing me to have to re-book and return home a week early on the 12th of March.  Below is one final group selfie of me with Kelly, Celo and Jubilee just before we headed off to the Kigali airport.


I am so thankful for each one who supported me, making this amazing experience possible!

Abundant blessings – Jordan