Its just over 16 months now that I’ve had the privilege to work along side of Steffan & Marcy vanderMale, co-leaders of Hillsong Africa Foundation.  Steffan has allowed me to come along side him as an executive coach and adviser as we together have worked on implementing a new organizational structure, with programmatic leadership to bring focus on replicability and scalability of HAF’s programs, location leadership to focus on facilitating growth of team in the communities within the two primary South African provinces where HAF operates, and operational leadership to bring focus on shared services & support functions.  This combined with a refreshed approach to people care that focuses on role clarity, individual development plans, goals and competencies to achieve annual outcomes, the organization will be well-positioned for growth and broadened impact across the nation.

I look forward to working alongside of Steffan and his newly-appointed core leadership team as they launch the new structure and strategy early in 2019.  Its going to be amazing!