Volunteer Role:          Program Portfolio Advisor

Posting City:               Cape Town
—– County:                South Africa
—– Region:                Africa

Reports to:                 Chief Operations Officer



Delivery Partner

  • Child & Youth Empowerment
  • Career & Leadership Development
  • Urban Care Initiatives
  • Disaster Response
  • Kids Clubs, Sports

People Groups

Working Language:      English

Team Size:                     12 FT, 40 Volunteer

Duration:                        6-12 weeks

Prof. Skills Pri.:               Marketing
—–  Skills Sec.:               Program Management

Donation Estimate:       $6,500 CAD

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Detailed Role, Responsibilities & Outcomes

The Programs Portfolio Advisor reports to the Managing Director of the Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) and will advise the Programs Director on all matters in order to facilitate the scalable and replicable implementation of HAF’s suite of Programs at all Hillsong operating locations that the organization serves within South Africa.   In addition to being accountable for one Program Portfolio, the HAF Programs Director provides personnel and outcomes leadership to other Program Portfolio Leaders who each provide similar programmatic oversight to their specific portfolios.   The Programs Director endeavors to bring about the highest standard of consistent and effectively-managed HAF program capabilities through training, coaching  and mentoring that bring about continuous growth of their team’s competencies.

Skills / Knowledge

  1. Minimum five-seven years of leadership experience with national or international development organizations
  2. Advanced Project and Portfolio Management
  3. Thought leadership and current with best practices in one or more specific focus areas of global development that the HAF program portfolios encompass.


General Advisory Capabilities

  1. Highly goal-focused and plan-driven
  2. Passionate about advancing a cause
  3. Focused on task and follow-through to completion
  4. Structured and strategic thinker
  5. ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, experience, and judgment;
  6. Strong organization, communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  7. Strong presentation skills and the ability to teach
  8. capacity to achieve accountability through delegation and follow-up

Assist and Coach the Programs Director to achieve the following Outcomes

  1. Ensure that a Project Compendium is created, maintained, and updated for each specific project within all program portfolios. These compendiums contain:
    1. Core content related to the specific personal transformational journey and benefactor group the project focuses on (e.g. Shine, Strength, Sport Code, Accelerate). This should include all tools, templates, leaders guides, student workbooks, as applicable.
    2. Training materials (written/electronic; audio/visual) for use by HAF delivery personnel responsible to deploy and implement the programs across a range of benefactors and tailored to each location/community.
    3. An “A to Z” recipe of how to roll-out and implement the program so that it can be replicated as consistently as possible across multiple locations and that results take shape quickly and effectively.
    4. A framework of how to scale up/down a typical implementation of the program within a typical community and addresses the nuances and solutions as to how to tailor the programmatic content to meet specific demographics for each specific community (age, gender, cultural, language,
    5. Each program describes milestones as to how clients progress along their personal growth journey identifying who they are, how they relate to other people and how they relate to God. Milestones of achievement are qualified within each program and for each benefactor group so that they can be recognized for milestone achievement along their personal journey.
    6. A comprehensive budget that details the financial and non-financial resources required to implement the program across all locations in the HAF network.
    7. From time to time, compendiums are refreshed and updated through application of formal internal lessons learned, continuous improvement assessments and innovation workshops; as well as incorporating the latest views and trends of other thought leaders in the regional and global community of development organizations as they relate to HAF’s specific programs and causes.
  2. Seek out partnerships with other funding organizations to secure financial resources that will support the programmatic intents once implemented across the Hillsong location network. Once relationships are established and formalized, steward all such partner relationships including the submission of grant applications according to annual budgetary needs, reporting to support monitoring and evaluation required by the stakeholders.
  3. Design a decision matrix and assessment framework to be able to take a newly proposed program and determine whether it aligns with HAF’s strategic intents and purposes and if it does, to bring forward a recommended approach as to how such a new program could be incorporated into HAf’s existing program portfolio offerings.
  4. Seeks out and formalizes partnerships who assist HAF in delivering components of specific project offerings within a portfolio that work together synergistically to accomplish greater results than could have been accomplished by HAF working alone
  5. Sets annual individual goals for each Portfolio Lead.
  6. Manages, develops and reviews the performance of their team of Portfolio Leads to achieve the desired outcomes.
  7. Assures staff alignment to HAF policies, consistent policy implementation and reporting.

Mentor the Programs Director and other senior leaders of the HAF Executive in growing the following Key Competencies:

  1. Analysis and Reporting
  2. Building Strategic Working Relationships
  3. Communication – interpersonal
  4. Delegating Responsibility
  5. Developing Others
  6. Facilitating Change
  7. Formal Presentation
  8. Information Monitoring
  9. Innovation
  10. Leading Though Vision and Values
  11. Meeting Leadership
  12. Planning and Organizing
  13. Project / Program Management
  14. Strategic Decision Making