Thank you for your interest to apply to go and serve with Hands and Feet International (HFI) as a Volunteer Business/Technical Professional.

We are committed to help find a volunteer service opportunity that matches your professional skills mix and your personal passion as to a service cause.

In order to get the process started, please fill in all the requested information in the form fields below.  Mouse-over the “?”  for each field to get help on what information is being requested.  Once finished entering all pertinent information, you must confirm your information is complete and true, provide your release, agree to our Personal Information Policy, then press the SUBMIT button at the bottom to submit your application. Once the Submit button is pressed, any empty field that is mandatory will be flagged in red.  The form will only be accepted once all mandatory fields are completed.  A message will be provided confirming success of submission and setting follow-up timing expectation. 

NOTE: All information on this form will not be saved if you exit this screen without pressing the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  If you would rather download an application form, fill it in offline, print, sign and Email it back to us, then please click >HERE.

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