Volunteer Role:          iHub Student Coach-Mentor

Posting City:               Cape Town, Johannesburg
—- Country:                South Africa
—– Region:                 Africa
Reports to:                 Maurisa Moloto
—————                  Coaches Coordinator 

Delivery Partner

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Career & Leadership Development

People Groups

Working Language:              English
Duration:                               March-November, 2022
                                                (10 months)
Professional Skills:               All Professions
Donation in lieu of T&L:      Optional (see Projects)

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Detailed Role, Responsibilities & Outcomes

​As an HFI professional volunteer, you will provide coaching support and mentorship to one Innovation Hub adult learner. HFI began offering Coach-Mentoring services to iHub students in 2021.  We are now actively recruiting for Coach-Mentors for the 2022 student cohort.  

As a Stay & Serve opportunity, all coaching will take place remotely over a video Zoom or Teams call.  Sessions will generally last 30-45 minutes and occur once every two weeks throughout the ten months of the program..

The students reside in either Cape Town or Johannesburg which are in Central African Time zone (+8 hrs to MDT, +6 hrs to EDT).  Scheduling coaching sessions will be personalized with each coach and student but most likely will take place 2-3pm CAT Monday – Friday.

Coaches will focus on building a relationship with their student and ensuring that the learner is progressively developing their hard and soft skills for business to the program’s standards, as well as building maturity as a leader and their developing ongoing business acumen.  During the second and third phases, students will be specializing in becoming proficient in technical toolsets that complement the roles being targeted for employment internships or agency freelancing, and therefore the mentorship focus shifts predominantly to support their readiness to operate effectively in professional settings and in particular with international clients and work teams.

While coaches having strengths and deeper experience in digital marketing, digital visual arts (graphics design), and ecommerce will be an added bonus, they are not a must have in order to provide valuable general professional development coaching, support and mentorship that will move the learner to a place of readiness for a commercial internship or freelancing opportunity with an iHub employment partner.

The iHub program provides general coaching scripts and guidelines for coaches, and all coach’s student feedback is captured in an online Learning Management System (LMS).  The LMS will be available to the Coach-Mentor to track their student’s progress against program outcomes in real-time.

We anticipate a good split of ladies and men in the 2022 cohort, therefore each volunteer coach should be able to select their gender preference. To better understand the Innovation Hub project, its programs, vision and outcomes, please see the project detail page here.

The HFI Coach-Mentor will volunteer their services in collaboration with and as part of a larger body of student coaches, the majority of whom will be locally (South African) based. Online forums and monthly check-in Zoom calls will be provided for HFI Coach-Mentors to participate in the iHub coaches community.