We’re excited to launch the second phase of iHub training on May 17th.  Phase two is another 12-weeks of training which provides students the option to focus on more in-depth, analytical digital marketing lead by Co-Marketers or continue to build more broad-based knowledge and competencies in a variety of tools and media platforms that cover the creative and analytical streams within digital marketing and getting to know how a typical media agency operates.

Of the 22 students that were approved to move forward with the program, 8 students interviewed for and were selected to go the Co-Marketer route (4 from Western Cape, 4 from Gauteng Province) and 14 students (8 from Western Cape, 6 from Gauteng Province) went with the broad-based digital marketing training led by Shift One.

With multiple concurrent training tracks, we’ve had to get creative in how we split up training space in our Western Cape and Gauteng hubs as seen above.

Each week, 3 days will focus on digital skills training and assignments and then 2 days focused on a deeper dive into more advanced Soft Skills for Business.

Look for future posts which will highlight the Shift One as well as Soft Skills training content!