On April 26th, we opened up a new office workspace at the Philippi iHub to house our three new Co-Marketers employees!  We are so excited to see three of our program graduates accept full-time positions with our first Placement Partner, Co-Marketers.  In the photo above you can see Adrian in the middle, Mandlenkosi on the right and Sonwabise (“Soso”) on the left.  All three are now taking home competitive pay salaries in USD, something that would have only been a dream for them a year ago.

The primary goal of our program is to prepare students ready to land a job in the local or global digital economy, to keep that job and thrive in it!  These three have already been assigned to some of Co-Marketer’s international client accounts and this week were building a competitive marketing analytics database.  Each of them have been gifted a laptop from the Program as their working machine.

We’re especially proud of seeing Soso be awarded a position, as we are especially focused on finding as many pathways for young ladies to enter our program and graduate.  Soso maintained some of the highest overall averages in her 2020 cohort.  Every woman able to break out of the traditional beliefs of work roles for young girls in society is a game changer and we know that Soso’s track record is going to set her and family onto a whole new trajectory for a better future.

Please click on the video above to play a brief testimonial of the iUb learning journey Adrian Gwanza.

Although all three must make it through their 90-day learnership probation period, we are confident that they will continue to be shining stars and we look forward to bringing further updates of their successful progress in the months ahead!