On August 1st we invited all parents / guardians of our 18 young people we confirmed enrollment in the Innovation Hub program a few weeks earlier when they received their final personalized career assessment report and one-on-one interview with our clinical psychologist.  It was great evening to finally meet the parents of these amazing young people and to be able to showcase the content we’ve designed into the program and our overall strategy of how we intend to bring their sons and daughter to a readiness to participate in the digital economy and beat the statistics of over 50% youth unemployment in the nation of South Africa.

We had over 40 people come out from the township of Gugulethu which is about a 15 minute drive from the Innovation Hub located in Philippi Village. The evening began with a light lunch reception followed by a formal program where we reviewed program content for 3 streams:
– Leadership & Identity,
– Digital Marketing Fundamentals, and
– Soft Skills for Business

We also reviewed the upcoming calendar for the first phase of training that will begin 6-Aug and continue through 15-Nov.

And provided parents and student alike to get answers for any outstanding questions.

The evening concluded by parents handing in signed letters of commitment and consent to complete the enrollment process.  Thanks to all our donors, we are able to provide this first cohort of the Proof-of-Concept the program 100% free of charge – an amazing blessing for these families and hope that it will change the course of their lives and bring positive change to their community!