On May 22nd we invited 30 young people ages 16 to 27 to join the Innovation Hub and become part of our “Intake” process.  The first stage of our long-awaited Innovation Hub program is now underway!

I’ve been serving as Program lead on this project since February and its wonderful to begin to see the young people finally start to become part of all our conceptual design and planning for the past 4 months.  These participants were seen above using the EAS tool to take a number of aptitude, personality and skills inventory questionnaires that will help inform the clinical psychologists on our team to complete a personalized profile for each participant.  We hope to have these personalized profiles ready for one-on-one discussions with these young people by early July.

So thankful I get to be part of this transformation change in the lives of South African young people and provide them hope and opportunity to participate in the digital economy!