As Program Facilitator, I’ve had the privilege to lead 4 women through the program in my first year since launching the program.  What a privilege to help these women find the healing and freedom they’ve been searching for.  Its amazing to see them transform over the 8 weeks from when they start to when they finish.

One of the facets nearer to the end of the program is when the women say “goodbye for now” to their babies and a symbolic part of the program has them release a balloon with a closing farewell to their child as they commit them to God.   It’s a very moving moment for these women.  Recently, we had a balloon ceremony at the beach and I’ve included a collage of pictures of those special memories for the women in the program.

I’m looking forward to starting my next group in February, 2019.  I already have one client signed up and am praying for more to come forward as Life Courses begin to ramp up again at Hillsong in February.